Neonetics Neon Sculptures are the new, fun and affordable way to bring the warm glow of Neon into any space.  Each sculpture is made the traditional way using hand blown glass tubing.  These sculptures are perfectly sized for the desk top, shelf or bedside table.  They also make fantastic reading lights, giving off just the right amount of glow in a dark room.  If your space will not take a massive wall sign, this line of sculptures is for you.  If you want to give someone the gift that they will keep talking about, this is it. For over a quarter of a century, Neonetics has been the leader in high quality Neon products.  You can rest assured that these Neon sculptures meet the same rigorous quality standards as a wall sign costing 10 times as much.  The sculpture consists of two easily detachable parts – the base and the glass sculpture itself.  The satin black plastic base houses all the electronics, the on/off switch and the receptacle for the sculpture plug.  The sculpture is fashioned by the artist using the other half of the plug as the starting and ending point for the glass tubing.  The artist fashions each sculpture by hand, heating and bending the glass tubing to form the 3-D design. The sculpture is then evacuated, charged and tested the old fashioned way.  Each sculpture undergoes a burn-in period with inspections before, during and after.  Only then does it get a label that says Neonetics.  We understand that the heart of any Neon light is the power supply.  Neonetics Sculptures use a wall transformer individually matched to the size, length and colour of the neon sculpture.  Not only does this ensure the sculpture is as bright as possible, the plug mounted power supply also keeps the power cable small and discreet. Finally, each sculpture is packed and physically fastened into re-useable storage box.  Long experience shipping Neon around the world went into designing a box and insert system that will ensure your new sculpture arrives in the same condition it left the factory.  If you ever need to move or store it, the sculpture can be dissembled and packed back into its box in minutes.