Music is what gets us through the day here at Icon Neon.  From the Classic Rock blaring out of the speakers in the Glass shop to the music of today emanating from the packing line.  Once everyone but the owner has gone home, the office is often vibrating to Rockabilly late into the evening.

We often wonder what George Beauchamp, Harry Watson, Paul Barth and Adolph Rickenbacher would have thought about our rendition of the electric guitar.  Back in 1931 when they collaborated on the invention of the solid body electronic guitar there is no way they could have imagined where their little project would lead or the impact it would have on the world as a whole.

We were so happy when we came across this guitar!  From the minute we laid eyes on the custom snakeskin paint we knew we had to take it to the next step.  Some unknown Artist languished a lot of love getting the finish on this guitar to look like it does.  The blending of the silver and white paint that was used to create the scales just screams out to be highlighted.  We worked through a lot of different colour combinations before we settled on the Turquoise and gold.  These combination of these two colours have brought out the scales and given the a real life-like appearance under the Neon.

We are just as proud of the quality of the work as we are of how it looks.  As much effort went in to the bits you do not see as went into the Neon.  Do you want the guitar to hang vertically?  Would you prefer it at a natural playing angle?  No problem!  Our unique wall mounting system lets you choose exactly how you want to incorporate this piece into your décor.  Sitting on that wall mounting frame is the heart of the Neon – the power supply.  For a piece like this, only the best would do.  That is why we use Hansen Neon power supplies from Germany.  These top-shelf supplies bring out the best of the Neon in both colour and brightness.  When you compare Neon side-by-side, the difference made by a high-quality power supply is obvious.

For a unique item that expresses your love of music like no other, look no further.  High quality construction, the best Neon artist in Europe, top shelf components and unrivalled after sales support all come together in this signature piece of Neon Art.