This Rasta Man Neon Sculpture is a great gift for teenagers and the hippie at heart, and is in stock and available for delivery today!

The Urban Dictionary defines a Rasta Man as: ” Reefers to cultural and roots reggae music which follow Rastafarianism, but not limited to, and includes early dancehall and lovers of rock. Most particularly the genre of reggae released during the early 1970s to mid 1980s.” From Bob Marley came a generation following in his footsteps.  Music, lifestyle and looks are all captured in this one single sculpture. Now you can proclaim this fact to all who enter your domain.  Perfect for the music room, party room or bedroom. In a retail environment, this cheeky sculpture will draw attention to any display of goods.  There are a lot of reasons to choose Neon over other forms of lighted displays.  However, the simple fact is that nothing pulls people in quite like the unique glow of Neon.  Just one of many designs made especially for teens, these beautiful sculptures bring the warm glow of Neon into any setting.  Our sculptures look fantastic on your shelf, wall or in the window to complement or anchor your Décor.

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Dimensions (assembled): 24m Width, 30cm Height, 12cm Depth (at base), 2 Kg Weight

EAN UK PLUG: 5060438569369

EAN EU PLUG: 5060438564487

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 59 × 37 × 15 cm
Mains Plug