The MoPar Circle Neon Sign with Backing is the perfect addition to any Muscle Car lovers collection and is in stock available for delivery today!

As soon as you say MoPar to a Muscle Car fan, they immediately take on that thousand-yard-stare.  What is going on in their head is the memory of either driving a Mopar Hemi or having their pride and joy soundly thrashed by one.  Mopar was and is now once again the high performance side of Chrysler/Plymouth.  If you needed a car for your grandma, you went to Chrysler.  If you wanted a factory production race car, you went to MoPar.  This simple single word, always in red and always on a golden background, has inspired 5 generations of car builders.  With the introduction of the MoPar fettled 2015 Charger into the UK, there may well be 5 more generations to come.  This licenced sign is the smaller brother to one of our largest signs available. At 61cm in Diameter, this Neon sign brings the days of rumbling engines and tyre smoke right into your home or office.

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Dimensions:  61cm Diameter, 10 cm Depth, 7.6 Kg Weight

UK PLUG EAN: 5060438566290

EU PLUG EAN: 5060438566894

For indoor use only

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