The Large Polly Gas Neon Sign in a Metal Can is a popular light display for American motoring enthusiasts and is in stock and available for delivery today!

With the green colour and famous parrot, the Polly Gas logo quickly became one of the most recognized forecourts in the States.  Bring back the days when attendants filled your motor with petrol, washed the windscreens and checked your oil – all as a thank-you for your custom.  In their green uniforms, the Polly Gas attendants took real pride in serving their customers back when service meant as much as price.  Now Icon Neon can bring you this faithful, licenced rendition of the sign that graced so many forecourts in an age long gone.  The vibrant colours of this sign with the iconic parrot sitting upon the company logo will anchor the theme and colours of any room.  At just under a Metre in Diameter, this sign is sure to be focal point of your décor – no mater how big the space!

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Dimensions:  92cm Diameter, 16cm Depth, 11.6 Kg Weight

UK PLUG EAN: 5060438562926

EU PLUG EAN: 5060438563077

For indoor use only

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