The Garage Pontiac Service Neon Clock celebrates that in 1967, Pontiac received the first of the brand-new Camaro bodies. While Chevrolet rushed the Camaro to market to compete with the Mustang, Pontiac held back and took the Camaro body back to the drawing board. What emerged was a legend that established the red indian head as a serious contender in the Muscle Car wars. Pontiac turned the basic Camaro into the gold standard of performance cars with the introduction of the Firebird. With its own range of stroked, big-bore engines, up-rated drive lines and accoutrements like air conditioning and 8 track tape players (remember those?), the Pontiac Firebird took its place amongst the very top of the performance car offerings. Taken from the bonnet ornaments of years gone by, the red indian head sign stood proudly over a marque know for both performance and luxury. Now faithfully re-created and licenced, this iconic image is once again available for you to own in this stunning Neon clock.  Also available in two different sign sizes.

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Dimensions:  38cm Diameter, 8cm Depth, 1.7Kg Weight

UK PLUG EAN: 5060438564081

EU PLUG EAN: 5060438565460

For indoor use only

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