Love it or hate it, the Ukulele sound is part of our music culture.  From Adele to the Beetles, The Mama’s and the Papa’s to Coldplay, the Ukulele is instantly recognizable for its unique sound.

Born in the 1880’s in Hawaii, the ukulele traces its origins back to a number of small guitar-like instruments of Portuguese origin called the machete and the cavaquinho.  Three Madeiran cabinet makers living in Hawaii named Manuel Nunes, José do Espírito Santo, and Augusto Dias, are generally credited as the first ukulele makers in 1879.  Their instrument was an immediate success and association of the Ukulele with Hawaiian music was born.

Roll the clock forward 100 years and it was almost inevitable that someone would add electronic pickups to the Ukulele.  This allowed the Ukulele to cut the strings tying it to the classic shape of the resonance box and explore new shapes and methods of construction including solid bodies and hybrid instruments.

This Ukulele started out life as a Mahalo Jet black “Flying V” electronic.  After many years of faithful service, it came to us from a private seller.  It then took us all of about 30 seconds to decide exactly how to turn this amazing shape into Neon Art.

We are just as proud of the quality of the work as we are of how it looks.  As much effort went in to the bits you do not see as went into the Neon.  We start with a custom made wall hanging plate that carries everything makes the piece easy to install.  To this, we add the heart of the Neon – the power supply.  For a piece like this, only the best would do.  That is why we use Hansen Neon power supplies from Germany.  These top-shelf supplies bring out the best of the Neon in both colour and brightness.  When you compare Neon side-by-side, the difference made by a high-quality power supply is obvious.

For a unique item that expresses your love of music like no other, look no further.  High quality construction, the best Neon artist in Europe, top shelf components and unrivalled after sales support all come together in this signature piece of Neon Art.