Red Indian 60cm (24″) Neon Sign With Backing

When it comes to Neon signs, the size is always an important consideration. Here at Icon Neon we don’t hide the size of our signs in the small print – we display it proudly! Every one of our signs is made by hand from full sized real Neon glass tubing. Our power supplies are also sized for job giving that Neon tubing a vivid, bright light output that puts the competition to shame. Our artwork is licenced directly from the companies we represent with many of the images on our signs tracing their origins back to the early and mid-1900’s. Our printed backings are crisp and vivid to complement the Neon and produce a piece of art you will be proud to hang on any wall.

So whether you are an avid collector of vintage Neon or buying your very first Neon sign, be sure you are getting what you really want. A big, bold, vivid sign from a UK based stockist you can trust. We didn’t get to be Europe’s largest by accident. We got here by being a phone call away if you want or need anything Neon.

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