Cocktail Parties

Icon Neon is proud to bring you this massive selection of Neon Sculptures. No matter what your passion, you are sure to find a Neon sculpture to fit. All of our sculptures are hand formed from real Neon glass tubing (No LEDs here!).

The benefits of choosing a Neon sculpture over a Sign are many. The main benefits are cost and size. Our sculptures are actually larger and made from bigger glass than the recent crop of “mini signs” costing twice as much. The other major advantage is flexibility. Our sculptures come packed in a sturdy, re-useable box that makes them perfect for theming parties, events or seasons.

Needing only a small flat surface to sit on (they can also be wall hung), they are easy to move from place to place. They are also powered from any 12 Volt source (Mains adaptor included) which opens up all kinds of possibilities for caravans and portable events. In fact, they will go just about anywhere your imagination takes you!

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