For over a quarter of a century, Neonetics has been the leader in bringing high quality Neon products into the home and office.  These ingenious clocks now bring the unique properties of Neon into any setting.  At 38cm in diameter (15”) they make a great choice, even for large spaces.  The clock features a tiered Art Deco rim and real glass dome.  The quartz clock mechanism operates on a single, included AA battery.

The heart of these clocks are the graphics and the Neon.  The graphics are sharp and vivid with colours that respond to neon halo.  The Neon Halo is hand blown from a single straight piece of glass tubing.  It then undergoes the same exacting process as every other Neonetics product.  The halo is evacuated, charged and tested the old fashioned way.  Only then does it get placed into your clock.

We understand that the heart of any Neon light is the power supply.  The Halo in your clock puts out 25 Watts and is powered by a transformer that plugs directly into the wall.  This keeps the power cable for the neon neat and discreet.

Finally, each clock is packed into re-useable storage/shipping box.  Long experience shipping Neon around the world went into designing a box and insert system that will ensure your new clock arrives in the same condition it left the factory.  If you ever need to move or store it, the clock can be packed back into its box in minutes.