Icon Neon is proud to feature the Neonetics product range.  For over a quarter of a century, the name Neonetics has stood for high quality neon products.  In contrast to so many others, Neonetics has held true to the traditional methods of neon light manufacture.  All of the Neonetics Grid Sign Range are built onto a frame made of heavy gauge bent steel.  This provides unsurpassed rigidity and protection to the sign and keeps the artwork safe – even when mounted on your wall.  This frame also provides the mounting for the heart of the sign….the neon power supply.  Turn over any Neonetics sign and you will find Cool-Neon brand power supplies, the industry leader. The power supply is carefully matched to the length and colour of the neon tubing to insure that each and every light produces that famous warm glow only traditional neon can give. Keeping with traditions, an artist then starts with straight lengths of glass tubing and a pattern.  Each tube is individually heated and bent by hand until the full picture of the sign is revealed.  The pattern ensures that the finished shape combines the artistry of a handmade piece and the practicality of being able to replace a single bulb – even years down the road. Once fully assembled, the lights are then charged and tested the old fashioned way.  Each light undergoes a burn-in period with inspections before, during and after.  Only then does it get a label that says Neonetics.  Keeping your sign safe until it is on your wall is the next bit of old-school thinking in this modern world.  Each sign is packed and physically fastened into a form fitting double skin corrugated box.  Then using spacers to create a void the entire boxed light is placed inside a second larger double wall box and sealed.  This not only ensures your light is delivered in the same condition it left the factory, it also provides you with a re-useable means to safely guard your light in future moves. This product ships fully assembled and comes fitted with a standard UK wall plug.  The sign switches on and off via a cable mounted switch at the rear. Remember, if the worst ever does happen and you break a neon bulb – Don’t panic!  All of our bulbs in all of our lights can be replaced from stock!  Try that with any other manufacturer…..