Quality workmanship starts with a quality environment. Every detail matters when you want to produce top quality work. A workspace for Artists has needs that go beyond a sterile looking room tucked in the back of a warehouse somewhere. The space needs to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The coffee needs to be just right and the sound system is important too. Is it clean? Is it organized? Is everything needed right there to hand? Most importantly, is it a place that YOU would want to spend 8 to 10 hours a day in? Only when you answer "yes" to all these questions will you have a happy team with a positive, quality focused attitude.

Here at Icon Neon, we took all that into consideration before setting up our Glass Studio and supporting work areas. This was before we even specified the very best of the equipment needed to manufacture our products. With the popularity of Neon being at an all-time high, setting up to properly to meet this demand was an easy decision. In addition to our direct client base, we are also the main Neon supplier to a many other Neon sign "makers" in the UK and Europe. The question really came down to "how big do we go"? As the demand for larger, more powerful Neon is growing exponentially, we decided to go for an assembly area that can handle signs up to 5 Meters X 5 Meters. This allows us the flexibility to stream multiple "normal sized" projects through the various stages of manufacture in a highly efficient manner and still have the space to fully assemble and test the largest signs on offer today.

All this is fine, but you also have to have the inventory to back it up. At Icon neon, we are not big believers in JIT (Just In Time) as it usually stands for Just Isn't There. That is why we keep over a Kilometre of Neon tubing in stock covering the whole range of diameters and colours. Once again, attention to the little details has an impact on the final product quality. We never leave or store tubing out and exposed in racks where dust and contaminates can get in and cause blemishes in your sign. All our tubing is kept sealed until ready for use to insure you get the best performance and the truest colour possible from our Neon and Cold-Cathode lighting.

Improperly stored neon, exposed to dust and contaminates, causing blemishes in the sign

Traditional Neon signs are built onto welded steel grid frames. We take a lot of pride in the quality, finish and hanging options that our frames allow. Since every frame is produced specifically for your project, we will never force you into a standard design or size. Our frames can be made for hanging window display, wall hanging, shelf sitting or any combination of the three. Finishes include paint, powder coat or pickling (followed by a clear coat) to get that vintage look.

Keeping with tradition we also offer all the standard Neon constructions for both indoor and outdoor signage. These include fully boxed signs from Perspex or acrylic, sheet metal trough letters, loose fit direct to wall Neon and architectural cold cathode lighting. Neon can be supplied as complete signs or as loose letters, words and shapes for direct to wall mounting.

As Neon has come into the modern age, the methods of mounting or framing it have evolved. Icon Neon is proud to be on the cutting edge of these new technologies and their application to the signage industry. Feel free to challenge us to bring the concept in your mind to life! Here are just a few of the capabilities we will bring to the table when working on your design:

CNC Laser Cutting

There are a number of advantages to this process when working with plastics or metal. The modern CNC continuous flow laser leaves a beautiful polished edge when cutting. Unlike routing, intricate shapes can be cut to form negative space in your design without having to go back and edge polish the cuts. The large bed laser also allows us to do insert lettering in panels that are so precise, it looks like the sheet was formed with the letters already inside. This barely scratches the surface of what the machine can do. If you have something in mind that others say is impossible, it is time you gave us a call.

CNC Routing

Even with the laser cutting, we still use CNC routing on projects where the speed, cost and finish make it appropriate. For example, if you are looking for a clear shaped cover to protect one of our Neon wall murals, then the CNC Router is the tool of choice. Unlike the laser, the router leaves a tooled finish on the edge of the panels that picks up and refracts the Neon behind it. The added benefit is speed. CNC routing has a cut speed 10X faster than the laser making it a more cost effective solution when the precision and finish of the laser is not desired.

3 Dimensional Enclosures and Constructs

Welcome to the future of Neon! Be it brand recognition or retail point of sale, 3D light constructions are the future of the industry. We pioneered this process when doing our "Supercar" series of signs. By using selective reflection behind the Neon, we created a range of signs that gave the impression of a 3 dimensional construction. This led to the obvious question: Why not do it for real in 3D? We couldn't think of a reason why not! Get in touch if you want to discuss this new trend in Neon. Our proprietary approach to practical 3D Neon construction will amaze you!

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